Pocket Nappy Cover

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Bear Bott


V2 Pocket NappyThe Bear Bott pocket nappy is a customisable nappy system, you can use any absorbent inserts in the pocket depending on your child’s needs. However, I recommend the Bear Bott Tencel™ Anchor Insert as they are designed to fit perfectly on all rise settings within the pocket cover.

They are absorbent yet very slim and popper together for ease of stuffing.

This is a pocket nappy cover only,  Tencel™ anchor inserts can be purchased here and my All-In-Two Inserts are compatible as absorbency too!

The V2 pocket nappy features... 

• The softest waterproof PUL.

• Thick back elastic for comfort

• The design of the pocket opening creates a barrier against leaks up babies back. Some might say, bomb proof.

• Athletic Wicking Jersey lined with a double gusset for ultimate containment.

• PUL Tummy Panel for leak prevention. 

• Stretchy Tabs for a comfortable secure waist fit.

• Low Hip Stability popper.

• Over 14 different settings to ensure the perfect fit for your baby.

 • Fits from 9lbs to 38lbs.