Our Packaging

We are passionate about supporting other small businesses, so we have teamed up with amazing companies to offer you the best packaging for your Bear Bott collection!

All of our packaging can be recycled, composted, or even planted to give back to the worlds amazing pollinators!

We use vegan ink for all of our advertising products.


Our Mailers

Finding the most environmentally friendly option to get our products to your door has been a long process. We use Better Packaging Co for our mailers as they have a UK warehouse.

The reasons we chose this mailer over others were:

• They are 100% compostable, worm farm, and household compost included!
• They are super durable, with a touch of stretch to help with even weight distribution.
• The double glue line - convenient for second use, but also they can be reused many times after that.
• They are waterproof, something that is so important for our changing weather pattern.



For every ‘There’s No Planet Bee’ Nappy sold we donate £1 to the Bumblee Conservation Trust.

Please check your local council guidelines on disposing of compostable mailers in your food waste bin. 

Our British Seed Cards
Unique to us at the time of launch | July 2020

We love getting fluff post...but it got me thinking about what happens to the information cards included with online retail orders. With that in mind we decided to look into other economical options. Whilst searching we came across a hidden gem, and piece of UK history, Frogmore Paper Mill.

They hand mill a variety of papers, including the paper we decided to use for our cards. We have chosen British wildflower seeded paper.

This lovely paper is not dried on the machine in order to preserve the seed, it is hand reeled and hand torn into sheets and air dried.

'Frogmore is still a working paper mill but, as operated by the charity, it is also a visitor, education and community use centre as well. The trust is entirely self-financing and, of course, is a not-for-profit with all proceeds from its activities being re-invested in the repair, maintenance and development of the mill, and its historic equipment'.

To do this paper justice, we decided to have hand stamps made. Our logo and website information is manually stamped onto the wildflower seed paper. This also meant we could use vegan friendly ink.

Each card has space for a note, so if your buying our product as a gift, you will be able to specify your message to the lucky person on the receiving end.

Once you have read our little card, you aren't done with it yet..

Here are the steps to follow, to plant our card and watch it grow.

Our seed papers are all very easy to plant! We have grown them all, so we know they will germinate if looked after properly – the main thing is to keep the paper wet but do not drown it!

1. Get yourself a pot and fill with soil.
2. Place the seed paper on top – sprinkle some more soil on top so the card is completely covered!
3. Water well.
4. Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate.
5. Keep the paper moist at all times – important!
6. Once the seedlings are well established you can then transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot and grow on, or you can individually remove each seedling and grow on in lots of small pots.
7. When big enough – place in the garden and enjoy the flowers!


What type of wildflowers are contained in your seed paper?

Birdsfoot Trefoil | Yellow flower | Aug - Oct

Black Knapweed | Purple flower | June - Sept

Meadow Buttercup | Yellow flower | May - Sept

Musk Mallow | Pink Flower | May - Aug

Ox-Eye Daisy | White Flower | May - Oct

Ribwort Plaintain | Brown | May - Sept

Red Campion | Red Flower | May - Sept

Salad Burnet | Yellow Flower | May - Aug

Self Heal | Purple Flower | June - Sept

White Campion | White Flower | May - Sept

Yarrow | White | June - Oct


How long does seed paper take to grow?

If you plant the seed paper according to these instructions, you should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

The plants will grow and mature at different rates depending on the surrounding conditions..

What if it doesn’t grow?

All of our seed paper is embedded with 100% UK native seeds. Keep in mind that seeds will act differently in varying environments, soil types, and climates.

Please note : Its best to plant seed paper in spring/summer. Keep the paper in a dry environment until ready for planting!