Fitted Nappy

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Bear Bott


The Bear Bott fitted nappy is a very absorbent nappy designed for day and night time use.

Its outer layer is a soft Bamboo Terry which will stay soft even after washing.

One row of waist poppers make it an easy to fit nappy and it features four rise settings to adjust the fit on your little one. The fitted also has a pocket for adding absorbency when required for naps, car journeys and at night time.

Features of the fitted nappy…

• One row of waist poppers for ease of fitting and a neat fit for use as a day time nappy under a wrap.
• Front elastic for tummy sleepers to make it an excellent nap time option.
• Bamboo velour outer layer for a luxury soft hand feel and added absorbency.
• Inner layers of absorbent Bamboo Terry 
• Athletic Wicking Jersey nearest babies skin to keep your baby as dry as possible when the nappy is wet - perfect for summer!
• Soft Athletic Wicking Jersey binding.
• Pocket opening to stuff with 𝚘𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 snake insert which is excellent for night time, alternatively you can use any inserts you currently have in your collection.

Tencel Anchor Insert Information

The ultimate customisable insert for your Bear Bott pocket, All-In-Two, Wrap or Fitted Nappy, this anchor insert features..

• Tencel with Bamboo Cotton, four absorbent layers in total, however this insert is designed to fold in half so that’s 8 layers total of superior absorbency!

• This insert has a popper to keep it in place when used alongside the All-In-Two cover, wrap or fitted nappy, or it can be stuffed into one of my pocket nappy covers.

• Athletic wicking jersey topped, which means this insert can be placed next to babies skin and it will keep your baby dry and cool.