Wipeable All In Two Nappy Cover

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Bear Bott

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The Bear Bott All-in-Two nappy is a cost effective, easy to use nappy system, with the new wipeable design you can use four inserts to one cover! 

Bundles can be purchased here.

Extra Tencel™ Inserts can be purchased here.

 The All In Two features…

  • Beautiful unique patterns, printed onto the softest PUL you’ll ever feel.
  • Easy to use adjustable snap buttons for quick nappy changes and the perfect fit as your baby grows.
  • The version 2 cover is wipeable which means as long as your baby has not soiled the nappy, it can be wiped down and a fresh insert popped in. The cover is also very quick drying when you do wash them making this a cost effective reusable nappy system.
  • Tencel Insert - Stay dry fabric outer layers to wick moisture away from your baby when they toilet, the absorbent core layers of this nappy are Tencel ™ and a Bamboo Cotton blend. Tencel™ has incredible absorption characteristics: 50% more than cotton. It’s more breathable and less susceptible to odorous bacteria growth. To read up more on Tencel™ and its incredible Eco credentials click here.
  • Hand-designed on the East Coast of Scotland


The All In Two V2 nappy design


The All In Two V2 nappies feature a double row of waist poppers and crossover waist poppers for small babies.

A low hip stability popper prevents leaks and fabric bunching.

The All-In-Two V2 nappy cover is made from two layers of high quality PUL (thermally bonded using heat, not chemicals) which makes the nappy waterproof and wipeable, making this a cost effective and quick drying cloth nappy system.

The inserts can be popped in and out of the cover for washing and drying which speeds up drying time considerably.

This nappy is suitable from newborn to  toddler with over 14 different sized settings.

Fitting tip - This nappy is designed to fit as conveniently as a disposable, with the inner elastic creating a double gusset it’s your choice whether you tuck the nappy into the knicker line or not.

Drying tip - Separating the Insert from the waterproof cover via the poppers will speed up drying time, perfect for winter.

What does it look like inside?