‘Buy Back’ Newborn Scheme

‘Buy Back’ Newborn Scheme

With our newborn nappies being released onto the cloth market, I wanted to give back to the wonderful nappy libraries registered with the UK Nappy Network that we are so fortunate to have in the UK. 

Cue the ‘Buy Back’ Newborn Scheme.

How it works...

You add at least 10 Newborn Nappies to checkout. 


This code WILL NOT give you a discount*, it will give you the option in future when your baby has outgrown Bear Bott Newborn nappies to *return them and receive a voucher that can be used on the Bear Bott website to purchase Birth to Potty sized nappies of any variety - All In One, All In Two or Pockets.

Even if you enter this code at checkout you are NOT obliged to send them back to Bear Bott, you may change your mind and want to keep them or sell them - this is perfectly acceptable!

The website voucher given will be of the same value you bought the Newborn Nappies for only. 


10 x Newborn Nappies - £139.90

1 x Website Voucher given to spend on larger nappies - £139.90

If you have other items on the same order as the ‘Buy Back’ newborns they will not count towards the website voucher total.

The *returned newborn nappies will then be shared on the UK Nappy Network Donation Group, they will make their way to UKNN libraries for newborn kits - great for any new parents interested in trying cloth from the very start! 

*Newborn Nappies must be in great useable condition and be returned clean to Bear Bott, they will be appropriately cleaned again before donation. 

*Return postage of Newborn Nappies to be paid by you.

*Newborn nappies must be returned within 12 months of purchase date to be eligible for the scheme.

*Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with this scheme.


Please email info@bearbott.co.uk when you are ready to return your newborn nappies!